FORZA Ti 11 F Badminton Racket

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FZ Forza Titanium 11 F Badminton Racket

This Forza badminton racquet is similar to the top end 11.000 vs racket bu suitable for players needing help with added power thanks to a more flexible shaft & even to slightly head heavy balance.  Features NCS (See Below)

The 2015/2016 version of the FZ Forza Titanium 11 F Badminton Racquet, features the new frame shape, 826, a more aerodynamic frame to give more power and speed in every swing of your racket.

The Forza Ti 11 F are high performance rackets but with extra help in generating power with the flexible shaft.

The FZ Forza Ti 11 F is best badminton racket money can buy for attacking players who also want control but help generating power. The Titanium 11 F features 88 hole string pattern which creates less stress on the frame and results in the ability to string to a higher tension and adds about 5lbs to the string bed.

FZ Forza Badminton Rackets Key Features:

  • Weight: 87g
  • Composition: High Modulus Graphite & Titanium
  • Balance: 290mm Even to Slightly Head Heavy
  • Flex: Flexible (2)
  • Holes: 88
  • Power: 10
  • Length: 675 mm

Key Technologies:

  • Nano Sponge Carbon (NSC) – FZ FORZA’s brand new Nano Sponge Carbon technology (NSC) is way of aligning the molecules inside the resin binding the graphite together at a Nano-level, creating small spaces of between 5 and 20 nanometre (1/1,000,000,000m) inside the solid graphite. This acts as small airbags/springs inside your racket, creating a much softer feel while playing and absorbing the shock of the shuttle impact. This innovative technology will relieve your wrist, elbow and shoulder, so you can hit the shuttle at your maximum power each time without absorbing the effects of the impacts as your racket does this for you. As the sponge technology reacts as a spring, your racket will also transfer more power at impact.


This racket is strung with Ashaway Zymax 65 at 25lbs tension

This is racket is supplied with a racket cover

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