Gosen Gravitas 9.0 SX Badminton Racket

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Gravitas 9.0 SX CL

Designed in collaboration with Great Britain’s Olympic Men’s Doubles medalist Chris Langridge

The Gravitas 9.0 SX CL is targeted for professional badminton players. This racquet has a balance of faster and smooth swing speeds and power. This racquet targets the serious doubles players.

Shaft stiffness: Stiff

Frame shape: OG Square (Isometric)

Balance: Slight Head Heavy

Weight: 83 grams

Technologies and material





Assault Dive, Concept Ryoga, M30 Carbon and Pyrofil by Mitsubishi Chemical

While keep the Gravitas series concept “Strike a shuttlecock on the centroid”, this model features both of speed touch at the front and power shot at the back according to Chris’s request.

This model comes with selected wooden grip with polyethylene coating.

This racket comes with a full cloth racket cover and is strung with Gosen GTone 5 string to 25lbs

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