Kawasaki Honor S6 Badminton Racket – Serious Smash potential!

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The latest Kawasaki Honor S6 badminton racket  from the collection for 2019. Made in a special concept Speedy Smash with graphene core. Graphene is one of the extremely hard materials, and in combination with carbon fiber gives the rocket  high flexibility and durability . This technology allows you to quickly return the rocket to the original shape after each attack, so that we will always be prepared for the next impact. Ideal for versatile players with various strokes in their arsenal.  The Honor S6 rocket has been tested by a professional Kawasaki team player, gaining their recognition and recognition.


Player type: advanced
Flex: elastic
Frame: 30T High Modular Graphite
Shaft: 30T High Modular Graphite
balance 286 + – 2mm
Recommended tension force: 18-30 lbs
Weight / Grip: 84 + – 1g / G1
Colour: black, green



The rounded smooth frame structure effectively reduces air resistance, which improves the rotational speed of the rocket.


The structure of the subminiature blade of the rocket is 10% thinner than the traditional rocket, thus increasing the explosive power of the rocket.

2in1 frame

The rocket frame combines a box shape with a rounded shape, not only guaranteeing rigidity of the frame, but also reducing the air resistance. The rocket frame is 7% thinner than traditional, which improves the flexibility of the rocket and allows you to get a higher impact speed.


It is a kind of lightweight and durable carbon fiber, which not only controls the weight of the rocket, but also the intensity of the rocket’s tension. Thanks to this, the rocket does not deform at high tension tension.


The use of carbon fiber with a very high modulus of elasticity with a strong and flexible nano-epoxide and a special binder.


Racket comes strung with Lining No.1 at 25lbs tension.
Racket cover supplied

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