Mizuno JPX 8.3 Badminton Racket

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With a weight of 85g, the body is tough and the racket is a bit heavy, JPX 8.3 has heavy and fast spheres and bridges. When defending, due to the sharp hexagonal racket surface, JPX 8.3 is able to respond quickly and accurately to enemy attacks. Compared to the same product line of JPX 8.1 , JPX 8.3 is quite similar, but the body of JPX 8.3 is tougher, so it will suit you with good hand force and fast force.
JPX 8.3 is suitable for players who have fast, strong, suppressing demands and want a balance in both attack and defense. It is also a racket that balances power and speed, ensuring peace of mind for users
Those with average hand force or more are not difficult to get used to this racket.

Mizuno JPX 8.3 Badminton Tennis Technology 8.3

In the high-end segment, JPX 8.3 brings in Mizuno’s leading technologies, most notably:
– Aero Hexagram: The hexagonal frame with equal angles reduces the air resistance, the certainty of the frame increases the thrust force. This aerodynamic frame is the perfect choice for fast shots and high-speed spikes.
– Nano PEF: The body of the racket uses Nano PEF (Polyethylence Nano fiber) which is super light, can float on the water surface and with great strength. This technology helps minimize vibration when making spheres.

Product name: Mizuno JPX 8.3
Weight: 85g (3U)
Rolling circumference: G5
Balance point: 295mm
Hard body

Racket comes strung with Yonex BG65 at 25lbs tension.
Racket cover supplied

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ProductMizuno JPX 8.3 Badminton Racket
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