Victor Hypernano 800 LTD Power Badminton Racket

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Best in Class for Power and Speed. Head Heavy and Stiff. Used by Jonathan Christie.

The latest addition to the All-Round HyperNano series is the HyperNano X800 LTD Power. Building upon the foundations of the original HX800, Victor have redistributed the weight to create a racquet that has fantastic power. By greatly increasing the mass in the head, the Hypernano X800 Power offers much more power to players, resulting in harder hits, deeper clears and tougher smashes. New to the series is the HARD-CORED TECHNOLOGY in the shaft, which provides increased stability and a much smoother swing, making the HX800 LTD Power far more user-friendly than ever before. Together with a bold, premium and attractive design,  the HX800-P allows you to play a consistently aggressive game and send your opponent scrambling, whether its through a counter-attack or by dominating the rally.

  • Weight: 4U
  • Grip: G5
  • Recommended Tension: 20-27lbs
  • Length: 675mm
  • Strings: UNSTRUNG
  • Balance: HH ○●○○○ HL
  • Flex: S ○●○○○ F
  • Shaft Material: Ultra High Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL by Mitsubishi + 6.8 SHAFT
  • Frame Material: Ultra High Modulus Graphite + Ultra Carbon Nano Fiber + HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY

VICTOR Technologies:

PYROFIL by Mitsubishi – PYROFIL carbon fibre and its composites, are advanced high-performance materials from Japan. The characteristic of high intensity bonds ultra-light offer racket excellent shock-absorption and enhance handling in every single game.

AERO -DIAMOND – Combining the controllability of “diamond-shape” structure with the stability and smoothness of “sword-shape” structure, the AERO-DIAMOND frame minimizes air-resistance and improves handling stability during each game.

ULTRA CNF – Ultra Carbon Nano Fiber provides crisper and comfortable feel on impact. The result of the reduced weight comes without sacrificing the strength and power, while the resilience of nanofiber still maintains excellent control and stability for every hit.

SEVENTYSIX-76 – The single-pass grommet hole construction creates less friction between the strings, allowing it to reduce tension loss and extend string life effectively.

HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY – Inspired by military helicopters, this is a multilayered structure made with carbon fibre, composites and minimal material size, reinforcing handling feel and performance at critical times.


Weight 4U (80-84g unstrung)
Balance Head-Heavy
Flex Stiff
Factory Strings Ashaway Zymax 65 at 25lbs

Full Racket supplied

Made in Taiwan.

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