4u Jnice black Panther ltd badminton racket - Indian Residents only

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One of finest rackets tested by the Badminton Racket Review team during 2019, very stable, very fast and very well built! 

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Jnice Taiwan are having diffidulty getting hold of Carbon at present, hence the next deivery is Septembeer 2021.  We have allowed backordering on this product so you can order and reserves yours now as expect limited number to come in.

One of finest rackets tested by the Badminton Racket Review team during 2019, very stable, very fast and very well built!  We only have the the 3u rackets in stock at present – you must try this racket!

Frame:H.M. Graphite / 3D FIT WOVEN FIBER

Shaft: H.M. Graphite

Weight: 4U(80~84.9g)

Balance: 4U(300~295mm)

Flex: MEDIUM(8.5~8.9)

Tension: 4U(<30Lbs)

Stringing pattern: 76 Holes

Country of origin: TAIWAN

Racket comes strung with Jnice JS69 string. String colour will vary (no racket cover). 

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Customer Reviews

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Gaurav Sharma
Buy it

If you have the money just buy this racket. It's a great mix of solid power and fast control. It's so easy to drive with this at front court while the smashes were more than adequate for a racket this fast. It's a excellent racket for doubles game and I thought enjoyed it.
It will be a little tricky to time your shots right initially because of the short shaft. Also it will be challenging to switch rackets when you get used to this one. But otherwise it's a beauty

I like it it alott

I like it , compared to my 88s pro 4U is super light , quick , fast! And better smash then my 88s pro or 99 play! Takes time to get use to as its super quick in the air and super fast, my Defense is better as i can quickly react to shots as well. Still need time with the racket . But i am in a badminton academy and still improving my stroke but wonder how awesome its going to be once i am B/A level! Player … not sure why the other person complaining most high end rackets cost 11-18k rupees anyways . It feels and plays pretty high end to me my 88s pro cost me 111.2k and this 12.9 … im pretty happy with it as i can feel the difference between the two rackets.
Might want. Get or try the 3U as the 4U is super light . But never used a 3U racket before so i went the safe route and bought 4U


Sorry but after extensive research I purchased this one, lot of good reviews on your site, your YouTube as well as badminton review forum people who used this but i am disappointed, this costed me Rs 13500 plus another 700 for replacing the grip and gut and I am very unhappy.
First of all it doesn't feel light at all, you can actually feel the wt, and though it says mid stiff i can feel some stiffness too.
This I am comparing with my many rackets but my best racket which is 4u wt much less and is more easy to play, Carlton powerblade 9900, cost only one third oglf this one