Abroz Venom badminton racket - Indian residents only

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Abroz Venom badminton racket is fast, powerful and stable - its awesome!!!

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It is built with the ability to do heavy smashes with its powerful triple super power system design at 10, 2 and 6 o’clock area of the head.

Players would feel instant generation of power during smash and will be able to make full swings easily during short range rallies.

Slim Frames on this racket reduces drag on the frame during straight on swing or hit as it provides smaller flat surface compared to ordinary racket for better speed, fast swing-through and the quicker manoeuvrability.


Extra Performance High-Modulus Graphite + Triple Power System


High-Modulus Graphite + Slim shaft


Medium Flexible


78g +/- 2 (6U-G2)

Max Tension




Balance Point

295mm +/- 5 (Slight Head Heavy

Shaft Diameter


Special Features

Extra Performance Graphite; Reinforced Structure Frame; Triple Power System; Box Frame; Slim Width Frame; Light Weight; 76 Grommets system;

This racket comes strung with Abroz DG67 Power at 25lbs - no racket cover


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
subhash chandran
Amazing for an intermediate player!

This racket supports your play in every way. Its light and super fast. Even the shots you thought would be impossible to take, the racket can reach it as its that fast. The smashes are decent but sometimes I can't fee where my smashes are going. Not sure if its the racket turning in my hand or its that flex that pushes it a little sideways. Other than that, its been perfect!

Bibhuti Kar
This model has master the 'ergonomics' of a racket (if there is such a thing .....)

The 'slap' function is perfected with lightweight and flexibility in the shaft and the strings that can be strung up to 30.
The only place where I find myself un-calibrated after playing a couple of weeks with this is net drop shorts. It falls short just by a bit every time.

kalai Amuthan
10/10 must have racket

Very fast easy to control, generate Power easily awesome racket thank you so much... service and Delivery was very good... Must have racket

Biddappa CT CT
Excellent racket

Speed and power optimal

Manmeet Sahni
Great racket, awesome value

This has been a great racket, exactly as the review stated. Very capable for singles and doubles both. Propulsion is phenomenal, it's light weight and my smashes have been effective. The string at 25 strength was ideal and has served me well. Very happy and love Abroz rackets for their quality at the reasonable price point.