Gosen Gungnir 05a badminton racket - Unstrung

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The Gungnir 05A is extra light. By combining the light structure and a flexible shaft, it’s great at absorbing power and provide good control to your shots.

Shaft stiffness: Medium Stiff

Frame shape: OG Square (Isometric)

Balance: Head Light Balance

Weight: 81 grams

Technologies and material: Triaxial Carbon, Variant Frame, Neo-accuracy Shaft, 80 Grommet.

This racket comes with a full cloth racket cover and is supplied unstrung.

Made In Taiwan

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Super fast racket

I've used Duora z strike and Astrox 88D pro.
Was looking for something faster and less stiff.

This is hands down, the fastest racket i have ever used, faster than the Nanoflare 700.
It is excellent in defense, drives and front-court play.

The clear are also good, but the smashes felt hollow. There wasn't that much feedback from the racket
when smashing, but i'm guessing it's because of the head light balance of the racket. In terms of power and speed
of the smash, it's not that strong, it's what you can expect from a head-light racket. However it is easy to smash with it.
Doesn't take a lot of energy.

I'm definitely looking to buy another one of these and start using it as my main racket.
I am not a strong player, so the duora-z -strike and astrox 88d pro are extremely demanding and
does not work for me unless i'm at the top of my game.

If you're looking for a fast racket, you won't be disappointed with this one.
Giving this racket a 4 star, would've been a 5 star if there was more feedback from the smashes.

Azharul Hussain
Good defensive racket

My main racket is the Astrox 88d but I wanted something even balanced to rotate to for games that require a better defence.

Firstly, the racket had very good air speed, I instantly noticed my defence with this racket is far superior than my defence with my 88d.

The problem however is that I seem to be getting some creeping elbow pain using this racket, which implies that I'm having to swing much harder to make my shots count. This could potentially come down to 1 of 3 things:
- the racket is causing the issue
- the string was not restrung to my requested tension
- the strings provided (Gosen strings) have low repulsion

I did not have this issue whilst using my 88d which has been my main racket for over a year now.

I'll likely get the racket restrung in a month or so to see if that has any impact.

Regardless, the 3 star still stands as it is for the the racket in the condition I have received