Li-Ning Tectonic 9 badminton racket

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Superior badminton rackets from Li-Ning!

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Superior power - Li-Ning Tectonic 9

Are you looking for the ultimate power badminton racket? Then look no further! With this badminton racket from Li-Ning you'll achieve ultimate power on the badminton court. This is due to the combination of the head-heavy balance, stiff flexibility, the technologies and the choice of materials!

In this badminton racket, Li-Ning has incorporated the following materials and innovative technologies;

Military Grade Carbon Fiber is the strong carbon material used for the frame construction. This material improves the stability, rigidity and durability of the racket.

TB Nano Powertec are the innovative nanometer carbon fibers incorporated into the frame. This material significantly strengthens the frame without increasing the weight of the racket.

Wing Stabilizer is the 'aviation' technology incorporated in the racket's head. This technology significantly enhances the performance, control and power transmission.

UHB Shaft is the technology that improves the shafts strength significantly and reduces air resistance. In addition, this technology improves the power transmission when smashing..

Stabilized Torsion Angle is the technology that reduces twist in the frame and improves frame stability.

HOF - Shock Absorption System is the technology that gives the frame a superior shock absorption.

Holes - 76
Balance - Head heavy
Flexibility - Stiff
Level - Practiced / Tournament player
Player - Power
Weight - 83 g
Shaft - Military Grade Carbon Fiber
Frame - Military Grade Carbon Fiber
Grip size - 4U, 5u / G5
Comes strung with Yonex BG65 at 25lbs and full racket cover.

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