Li-Ning Windstorm 72s badminton racket 2021!

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The lightest racket at 72g with the strongest tension in its class.

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  • The lightest racket at 72g with the strongest tension in its class. String up to 30lbs on this racket specially suited for players who prefers speed and control. Especially suitable for players loiking for a fast, light racket that still delivers on power


  • Model : AYPR008-4
  • Length: 675mm
  • Balance point: 315mm(head-heavy)
  • Flex : Soft
  • Weight : 72 gms.
  • Grip Size : S1
  • Max Tension: 30lbs
  • Frame: Carbon Fibre
  • Grip : Polyurethane+ Non Woven
  • Technology: UHB-shalf, Super-light Technology, Dynamic-optimum Frame, TB-Nano, Aerotec Beam System
  • This racket comes sturng with Li-Ning No.1 at 25lbs and a full racket cover.  Please note string colour will vary.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Not up to the expectation

Bought the racket afte5r seeing the review in BRR. I usually play with Astrox 22. from the review I was expecting this to be faster than AX22 BS better control, Unfortunately it is not that easy racket, I am an advance level player even for me the balance point of the racket is too high up at 325mm. maneuverer is not as fast as Ax22 and obviously not as fast as that racket, tried few sessions thought I might adjust to the weight (83gm when strung and with over grip), but failed. my review for this racket would be-
Fast racket but for this weight category Astrox/ apacs XS is faster,
Control and ease of use wise Astrox 22 is far better
small sweet spot when strung with li ning no 1 at 25lb.
For this price- better option available.

Rahul Shandilya
Windstorm 72s

It’s a nice racket and super light in weight. Overall a good racket for Beginners or Intermediate players, especially for doubles. I recommend Astrox 22 over this racket because of the stiffness.

Richard A
Super fast headspeed and a great feeling.

I watched the reviews several times before purchasing this racket, everything was pointing towards the Elastic air or fortius lite. But I took a gamble on this racket and I am really pleased I did.

The review conclusions were quite hung up on the price point of the racket, however, the racket is extremely well built and finished.

The racket headspeed is blindingly fast, and although I am an advanced player, I actually had to adjust my timing a bit with overhead shots to compensate for the rackets speed. But it has a nice sweet spot and a great feeling through the racket when hitting.
The racket is great for doubles, defence and drive this racket sings. Overhead clears and drops are effortless, but you do have to get used to the faster racket headspeed. You do, admittedly lose a bit in the smash, when compared to a standard 3u head heavy racket, so if you play an agressive smashing game, you may want a little more weight in the head so you don't have to put so much effort in.

It looks awesome on the court, the neon pink and blue is unique and the string tension up to 30lbs on a 72g racket is excellent too.

Overall, i think this is a great racket.
If you're like me, and have plenty of power overhead; then you wouldn't mind sacrificing a bit of that power for amazingly quick drives and doubles defence.

Definitely worth the price tag.

I wouldn't recommend this racket if you lack powerful smashing or for singles.
If you want a good, light singles racket I would point you more towards the Adidas wucht p7 (4u) version.