3u Jnice black Panther ltd badminton racket - pre order for July delivery

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One of finest rackets tested by the Badminton Racket Review team during 2019, very stable, very fast and very well built – you must try this racket!

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One of finest rackets tested by the Badminton Racket Review team during 2019, very stable, very fast and very well built – you must try this racket!

Frame: H.M. Graphite / 3D FIT WOVEN FIBER

Shaft: H.M. Graphite

Weight: 3U(85~89.9g)

Balance: 3U(288~292mm)

Flex: MEDIUM(8.5~8.9)

Tension: 3U(<32Lbs)

Stringing pattern: 76 Holes

Country of origin: TAIWAN

Racket comes strung with Jnice JS69 string.  String colour will vary (no racket cover)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Heavier than I thought

I bought this racket, of course, on the strength of the reviews. What swayed me towards the 3u was the crane that, although it was a heavier racket, it felt light, like a 4u. It definitely does not. It is very good for a smash but I now understand what people mean when they talk about a fast racket. This thing is slow and I wish I had gone for the 4u.

Lok Him Lam
The racket that may give you the extra edge you have been looking for

TLDR: Crazy, crazy air speed. Big smash, huge power, speedy returns.

I got a 3U spec black panther and according to jnice official website, the balance point without strings is around 290mm which is on the head light side. Meanwhile with strings it gets to around 308mm? (Recalling from memory) according to the measurements from BRR ezone.

You may ask why do I need to bring this up? Because I own many rackets from victor and yonex (jet speed 12, VT ZF2, thruster F enchanced, thruster ryuga, auraspeed90k etc.) starts at a BP of >305mm without string, and around 315mm with strings, so therefore my technique were trained mainly for head heavy racket. When I first started using the racket, I was struggling a bit to clear the shuttlecock to the rear with 25lbs JS-69 string, while other rackets I usually run 27lbs higher repulsion strings (BG80, VBS-68). After experimenting with the racket, I found out using a HH racket to clear is often effortless while the black panther (I would consider it at a HL racket) requires the user to generate enough racket head acceleration in order to have a good clear. I am so used to using HH racket, therefore my timing is off and therefore, leads to low quality clears. The way the swing speed interacts with the shuttle is not what I was used to.

After struggling with the racket initially, I applied some yonex power balance 4, which is stickers that could be used to adjust the balance point of the racket, I applied two 0.2g stickers at the 2 and 10 o clock position, on both sides of the racket. The swing weight now is 94, but with the super aerodynamic frame, it somehow still handles like a 4u, and now my timings were successfully adjusted and clears became effortless once again. This racket setting is able to benefit from the crazy swing speed and I am able to confidently say this racket levelled up my smash and drive game onto another level. As an added bonus, backhand clear/drop is also so easy now with the extra accessibility of airspeed, relative to all the 3u rackets I owned. The biggest weapon of the racket is airspeed and the added weight does not affect aerodynamics too much. An added benefit of the yonex stickers, I am able to generate even more power thanks to the added weight of the stickers. I do not understand how does jnice does it but they had successfully achieved a one of a kind racket and I can confidently say I am happy to switch away from my victor/ yonex rackets.

Added note: with this racket after 4 hrs of training, fatigue did not appear like other 3U rackets and I retained around 90% of the smash speed comparing to the start of the session. Shaft stiffness settings were more forgiving then my usual rackets while the extra long handle (therefore reduced shaft length) helped the racket head to reset faster which helped with defending and quick flat drives.

Well done Jnice! Thumbs up to BRR for testing and sharing this great racket for the world to see. Sorry for my bad English as English is not my first language.

Best racket I´ve had so far

This racket is awesome and I was blown away by how fast this racket is. The handling, flexibility, weight, balance. I think no racket before gave me so much confidence to try out difficult shots during a match. I now play for like 4 weeks with it. 8 training sessions, 1 small tournament. So I would like to say that I´m used to the BP now and write something I stand behind. I only can strongly recommend this racket. Also for beginners and intermediates like me. Additional. Awesome advice by Badminton Rachet Review. Really appreciate that good contact and am willing to help the perfect racket for the individual playstyle. :)

Thanks so much for this Tobias - very kind of you.

Great all rounder

Wonderful racket with a considerable amount of power and precise control after getting used to its feel. Feels lightweight despite being in the 3u class and does not apply much strain on the wrist unlike my previous racket. Would recommend.

Eion Jennings
3U Jnice Black Panther

The racket performs exactly as advertised, build quality is excellent and I can support the reviewers comments that it certainly does not play like the specs would suggest for a head heavy stiff racket, that is, I didn't feel like I could go out a club a dinosaur with it, which is how most rackets with that specification feel to me :-)

You can see the thinking in the design parameters with longer handle and head lengths, and a shorter shaft to increase overall responsiveness and this does appear to work well, unfortunately it is not the racket for me.

I generate most of my racket speed through a short action and play a lot in the fingers and hand, and I simply can't generate enough racket speed with the Panther to get the snap into my shots. I was hoping that a slightly head heavier racket would enable me to generate a bit more power but I think I will have to chalk this up as a noble experiment and my contribution to supporting the racket manufacturing industry during Covid.

I suspect that if you are a player with a larger action and already like a head heavy racket then this would be well worth the trial and may well feel very quick and responsive while still having the required 'ooomph' in the head weight. Unfortunately I could not get the racket to perform for me but this is not the fault of the racket and I am happy to give it 4 stars (It is hard to give 5 stars to a racket you can't play with, and I also find it a little dull to look at , hence the four star rating).

I also support the previous reviewers comments re the service from BRR, excellent all round and extremely helpful and prompt. Nice work guys!

Hey Eion,

Very nice of you to leave such a detailed review, we are sorry the racket didn't quite work for you - all the best BRR Team.