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JNICE Elastic AIR73 Badminton Racket 6UG5 is a professional badminton racket designed with 3 Points-Triangle Dynamic Distribute.

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The design allows for higher hitting accuracy. Made with anti-shock technology that can dampen the vibration when hitting, taking your badminton playing experience to a different level. The racket frame is made of super lightweight carbon fibre. The racket weighs only 73 g.

Flex: Stiff

Material: Toray 46T Nano Graphite

Weight: 73 gram

Stringing: 11-13 kg (26-30 lbs)

Balans: 300~305mm

Length: 675 mm

Color: White

This racket comes strung Jnice power string to 25lbs tension (string colour will vary) and a full racket cover.

Made in Taiwan

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great racket

I have been playing with Jnice Elastics Air 73 for a month now and really like the racket. In spite of being light, it does clears easily and packs enough punch for the smashes. Control has been great as well and it slices through the air fast. Personally I rank this at top of all rackets I have tried so far (includes Yonex Zforce 2, NF 800, 100ZZ and Astrox 27i lite, Lining windstrom 74, apacs featherweight, Karakal BN60FF, Victor Thruster K 66 lite)

Anuruddha Amarasekara
Grate Racket

The review on the website was spot on... all round performance racket.

Ikram Habib
Light weight

One of the best rackets I’ve used. Very light.

Kai Klein
Nice Quality Racket, but some issues.

I have tested the Racket with 2 strings.Both versions are very good in every aspect.
I prefer a high tension bg80 with this,and this will lead to a high string break frequency.

Also the end cap was not attached correctly on one of the rackets.

But these are minor issues so this is a solid 4 star.

Appreciate the review, we have mentioned your issue with the cap to Jnice.

Ibrahim Surti
Amazing racket.

Wow what an amazing racket, super fast, great for defence but also has great power. I have the apacs feather weight xs and li ning tectonic 7d. Jnice elastics air 73 is best of the lot. Its very light but can still get great power from it. Colour is also very nice, just a shame about the cover it comes with it. If it was a better cover it would do it justice.