Kawasaki King K8 badminton racket

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With new super strong T Joint technology the King K8 provides a stable torque free head for solid hitting and quick recovery.

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Ideal for intermediate or advanced players.  Racket comes strung with Kawasaki string at 25lbs and full presentations box. This Kawasaki King K8 badminton racquet is ideal for aggressive players who are looking for a stylish design.

The King range is destined for players who have an offensive game style.

The 84g (4U) of weight, the medium shaft and the balance in the head ensure more power and speed.

The balance and the average stiffness amount will enable you to hit powerful shots to help you easily finish off points. This compromise will enable you to control your shots and attack your oppoonents with additional acceleration. Next, the higher angle adds more power to your smash!

These technologies and the innovative racquet structure will bring you extra power on your smashes and more control on your slower shots. This implements more explosiveness and acceleration at the moment of impact.

The King K8 integrates numerous technologies, such as the Hexagonal Frame and the Kernel Power to reinforce the racquet's structure. Also, the C60 Fulerene Carbon derives from some of the latest innovations from the brand and offers more reinforcement and ensures a high quality and strong racquet structure.

Type of Player : Offensive

Weight (g) : 84

Stiffness : Semi-stiff

Balance : Super Head Heavy

Balance (in mm) : 300

Shaft Material : 40 T Ultra High Module Graphite

Frame Composition : 30 T - CNT U-HM Graphite

Beam width value : No

Type of Racquet Head : Isometric

Original Strings : Not strung

Technologies Kawasaki - C60 Fulerene Carbon, Kawasaki - Hexagonal Frame, Kawasaki - Kernel Power, Kawasaki - T-Join Power

This racket comes with a full presentation box and cover.  We have 2 rackets strung with Kawasaki power string to 25lbs tension, string colours may vary.

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