Li-Ning Tectonic 7 Instinct badminton racket

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Li-Ning’s Signature Tectonic 7 Instinct Badminton Racket Frame weight is just 78grams.

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Li-Ning’s Signature Tectonic 7 Instinct Badminton Racket Frame weight is just 78grams lightweight and it is made up of military grade carbon fibre and features a stabilized elastic shaft system and wing stabilisers, improving attacking instincts and delivering an agile handling experience like no other. 

World Champion P V Sindhu's new weapon of choice, The Li-Ning Tectonic 7 Instinct features a unique flexible frame structure that enhances the repulsion speed and generates 3.2% faster acceleration of the shuttlecock. The Tectonic structure frame provides enhanced stability with suppressed turbulence. Suitable for players looking to dominate the court with powerful smashes and immediate attack. 

Unique Points of Tectonic Series 

The Tectonic Series has Unique flexible points on the frame at 5 & 7 o’clock gives you even more quicker drops and generates a substantial power to your smash's.

Country of Origin: China


White / Blue / Pink


Military Grade Carbon Fiber


78 Gms



Grip Size 


Balance Point


Shaft / On head

Medium / Flexible at 5 & 7 o'clock

Max Tension

32 lbs

Condition: Brand new and 100% Authentic

This Racket comes strung with Yonex Aerobite Boost at 26lbs and no cover provided

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Customer Reviews

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Richard A
Astoundingly good

I am fast becoming a big fan of LiNing rackets.

I love the windstorm 72s for the amazingly fast racket head speed and control.
I love the windstorm 74 which balances the speed of the 72s with some extra power overhead.

But the Tetonic 7i is really something special for overhead shots and defence.

You have to be careful with this racket as the shaft is slightly longer at 220mm compared with the 2 windstorms at 213mm, so it can throw off your timing at first. But once you adjust, wow.

The combination of the racket weight, balance and flex and length in the shaft seemed to massively amplify my overhead power... hitting with the same power as the windstorm 72s, my clears flew out the back of the court, and my smash speed massively increased.
This racket is also great for doubles defence, flicks and drives became effortless.

That being said with the length of the racket and the balance, you do lose some of the mid court drive head speed and around the body... you also need some time to get used to netshots and serves, as the additional length of the racket really magnifies the small movements for nets.

LiNing rackets build quickly is excellent, and the finishing of all of their rackets are superb; these rackets perform as well as the top range yonex and I really cannot fault the brand.

This racket will sit nicely along side my windstorms for when I need a racket that packs a real punch.

Its a fantastic racket!