Kawasaki Honour S9 4u Badminton Racket - POWER HOUSE!!!

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2021 Kawasaki Original Badminton Racket Honor S9  with T Join - Power Carbon Fiber  racket.


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Speedy smash is the design concept of Honor Series rackets, The Honor S9 shaft has a Graphene weaved shaft. Graphene is an extremely hard and rigid material which us to build a thin shaft that is still very strong.  The overall racket construction combines High Modulus Graphite and Graphene to provide high levels of elasticity and strength. The Honor S9 resets quickly for each attack after smashing, Suitable for intermediate to advance players.

This racket has been tested by Kawasaki badminton club professional players and received astonishing feedback.


RACKET MATERIAL: 46T High Modulus Graphite

SHAFT: Graphene Woven wrapping middle shaft



BALANCE: Head Heavy



COVER: Full Box Presentation

STRING: This racket comes unstrung - please leave a message if you want us to string the racket.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Stephen Pridgeon
Kawasaki honor s9

Absolutely fantastic racket for powerful smashes. Very fast through the air due to its narrow shaft and narrow frame design, so it takes some getting used to with timing your shots as the racket travels through the air so fast. It is slightly head heavy and it is this combined with the speed that gives the big smash power. I love it so much I bought 2..

Yichen Chen
Very difficult to use

This racket is not medium stiff, it is very stiff. It requires very good technique which I don't have. This racket has good potential in good hands, however I am not very fit to use it. Do not recommend for players who are not very experienced.

Kawasaki Honour S9 4u Badminton Racket

Exactly as described in the badminton racket review of this racket !!!

Racket for fun

I buy it followint BRR recomendation.
4U, lining N1 11.5x12.5 kg.
I play 100zz and tectonic 7 in parallel.
S9 is sery repulsive, good clears, not bad smashes, good defence.
After two months I still filling discomfort in the control.

And yes, It is the most beautiful racket I ever seen.

Ronnie Vogel
Crazy racket

Coming from the Astrox 7 which is very stiff and slow, this racket felt like a breathe of fresh air in comparison. It feels very easy to generate power while also being fast in defense. Ever since switching to this racket members of my club have also complemented how much my game has improved since getting it which I have also felt. My technique is not developed to that of a advanced player but this racket is capable of assisting even if your technique is not perfect which makes it suitable for pretty much all players. The racket feels light for a 4U head heavy racket and not overly flexible to the point you have no control or feeling in the racket. BRR assisted me all through the process after telling them what I want from a racket and I can say their opinion is spot on. They also recommended me strings (Aerobite boost) which have also felt satisfying to use and I'd recommend to anyone wanting a hybrid string coming from BG 80. If you are thinking about a racket I'd highly recommend contacting BRR through the chat function on this website and the E-Zone for advice.

Overall I would recommend this racket to nearly all players unless you are someone that heavily prefers really light rackets and will definitely be trying more rackets in the future from their recommendations.

Appreciate that Ronnie, very kind of you!