4u Jnice black Panther ltd badminton racket - In stock!

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One of finest rackets tested by the Badminton Racket Review team during 2019, very stable, very fast and very well built! 

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One of finest rackets tested by the Badminton Racket Review team during 2019, very stable, very fast and very well built!  You must try this racket!

Frame:H.M. Graphite / 3D FIT WOVEN FIBER

Shaft: H.M. Graphite

Weight: 4U(80~84.9g)

Balance: 4U(300~295mm)

Flex: MEDIUM(8.5~8.9)

Tension: 4U(<30Lbs)

Stringing pattern: 76 Holes

Country of origin: TAIWAN

Racket comes strung with Jnice JS69 string. String colour will vary. 

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Customer Reviews

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Unnikrishnan Prathiyath

4u Jnice black Panther ltd badminton racket - In stock!

Nice indeed!

Following five sessions of tuning in to the racket, the Black Panther 4U has a lovely feel, and also knows how to win. Jnice have found a luxurious sweet spot between low weight, and an aerodynamic, head heavy, medium flex swing. The result is a lively and purposeful all rounder, that’s light in defence, but weights up quickly in attack. There’s plenty of control at the net, and it cuts through the air quickly enough for those reflex returns that leave your brain catching up, wondering how and why the rally is continuing. You might be able to design an even faster head light racket, but you’d miss out on the plush, solid, and very satisfying feel of the drives, smashes and net kills, as it switches to head heavy attack.

Construction and cosmetics seem good, with some fancy rainbow sparkling gold graphics against the black of this tenth anniversary ‘special edition’, and there’s a velvet bag with gold embroidered logo to carry it in. The handle benefits from adding Yonex ‘super grab’, which adds almost no size but helps with control. The logo print on the strings looks a little mushy and the paint marks the shuttlecocks, but as supplied, there’s great feel from the strings once they settle.

It’s quite an adjustment from my previous, stiff and evenly balanced racket, achieving the same all round playability, but in a completely different, and much more characterful way. It has me coming back for more as it feels so alive and focused, and it’s gradually revealing itself as an elegant and effective secret weapon. While it’s always tempting to try different rackets, this could easily be ‘the one’.

Really well written, you should write for us lols - on a serious note thanks for leaving the review, glad you gave the racket a chance to settle in.

After 4 purchases!

After buying 4 of these rackets i thought i'd finally give my thoughts of it!

This is by far my go to racket to play with, i currently own the 100zz , 88D pro , 88s pro , NF800 , Ax 99 pro and i always pick up the Black panther as its such a easy racket to play with along with good power. - String wise im using it with the BG80s @ 28lb in pink - the black and pink combo just looks amazing on this racket.

Performance - Very easy to generate power , clears feels great but not as easy to whip across the court effortlessly compared to the ax99 pro but thats to be expected from this racket as speed is where it really shines ! i found this epseically the case where i noticed i was able to kill the shuttle very easily and quickly which i would says its alot quicker than the 88s pro! whats more surprising is that its almost as fast as the NF 800 now thats a quick racket! and comparing the BP to the NF its just crazy how fast the BP is being a Head heavy racket.
Stability wise this racket was very good and had very little tumble when the shuttle hits the string bed as expected from a head heavier racket.
Power - just OMG its hands down one of my best smashing rackets i own , its great for alot of club players as it has a medium stiff shaft to help genearate more power. i wouldnt say its as powerful as the ax99 pro as that thing is an absolute brick to play with but the amount of racket speed you can generate with this BF is truly amazing.
Build quality - Overall the build quality is good in terms of the paint work , decals and the finish of the racket feels very nice and high end... BUT where the BP loses some points is the grommets... i've noticed with all 4th of my rackets after it being strung 2/3 times the grommets just split and the quality of grommets used are no where near the same you would get from a yonex or victor racket which is rather dissapointing given the price is almost the same as the higher end rackets... when i bought my first racket they were £109 and now they are £134 probably due to demand / inflation but i would of expected more from Jnice , perhaps thats something they can work on ... Never the less if you're happy to change the grommets out to more premium ones then you're golden! but dont let that put you off trying this racket out!

Over all im really happy i bought this racket YES after buying 4 over the span of 2 years i finally post a review lol - in short dont be afraid to try out newer brands that are out there guys, you'd be surpised how good they are! more expensive flag ship yonex/ victor etc doesnt necessarily mean better !

Hi Andre, thanks for this vey honest and detailed review - it will be very helpful to all buyers.

Louise Harding
Best investment

This racket is by far the best I've ever played with. I am so impressed. It is at a price point that I consider a true investment but have seen the returns in my game improvement. The shots I am now playing are more powerful and precise. I cannot recommend this more!

Not convinced about the build quality.

I have used it for good few months. It is an okay racket. Could not find anything extra ordinary about this racket. I restrung the racket twice and the grommets have started falling apart. I have now replaced almost all grommets at the top part of the racket with cheap Chinese grommets that I bought from eBay. They appear to be better quality than JNICE’s original grommets. Racket frame is okay. However, I never had a collision with this racket so I can’t comment on the rigidity of the racket. Overall it’s an okay racket. Cannot agree with the hype about this racket. JNICE certainly needs to look into the cheap plastic grommets that they use.! Some paint work have already disappeared too..