RSL Magnum M8 badminton racket, Free shorts, grip and string.

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Amazingly well built, fast and stable racket.

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Rib Tech – Rigid Bone Structure built in at critical areas, provides strength and stability to the racket and ensures a solid shot every time.

This price includes:

Sling bag


Free grip


Racket strung with Yonex BG80 at 25lbs


Type of Play: Power, Spec: 4U, Balance: Even Balance

Grip Size: G6

String: <30lbs

Frame Design: Isometrix Box Frame

Shaft: Stiff, 7.0mm Slim Shaft

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Customer Reviews

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Second bought

Great racket - lovely to play with - this is my second purchase as wanted spare in case I broke my first one

RSL Magnum M8 purchase

After breaking my previous racket (bought through BRR), I got in touch with Rob via the chat to see what was out there. We discussed my level, strengths and weaknesses, and what i wanted from a racket. To be honest I had a fair idea of what i wanted and was looking for reassurance - so was left a little confused and scratching my head when he said that he would recommend for me the RSL magnum M8, I had never heard of RSL before and had no intention of buying this brand. We chatted a few more times, and each time he made several suggestions that may be good for me, but always came back to this racket as his recommendation. I was apprehensive about buying a 100 pound racket from a brand i'd not heard of, recommended by a guy I'd never met, so he said i could over grip, and as long as it stayed pristine I could return. So i bit the bullet and did exactly this. Oh my god - what a racket, it plays beautifully. It's incredibly maneuverable and fast in the air speeding up my reaction time. It's got a really nice all round ability, and control is effortless. The biggest thing i noticed however was with the smash - when you hit the sweet spot there's a lovely whip/smack sound and then the shuttle flies like a bullet. (he did say this would add power to my game and i wasn't disappointed)

I've been so impressed with this racket (after only 9 days and one club night) that i have already ordered a second.

I've learned 2 things here -

1 - The RSL Magnum M8 is a great all round racket that gives great control and manoeuvrability with plenty of power for drives, returns and smashes, and in my opinion it is worth more than the selling price,(I've played with considerably more expensive Babolat, li ning and Yonex that friends have lent me)

2 - If you aren't 100% sure what you want(or need) to improve your game, then get on the chat and seek guidance - there are loads of rackets that BRR has access to and can inform about that aren't in shops to make comparisons. These guys know their stuff!!

Thanks Rob and the BRR team!

Really appreciate you taking the time to write this Malcolm, Rob sends his regards.