Racket Highlights - High tension attacks, Ultra Reinforcement, Hot Melt Material Technology

Abroz XStorm 88 badminton racket is constructed with extra performance high modulus graphite to cater for players who demand outstanding power and superior racket handling during their all-round performances.. 

The Astrox Lite 27i iSeries badminton racket is developed in Japan and made in China. 
It is a new Astrox range available in the ever-popular Yonex iSeries.


A team minute steam hydrates the shuttlecock and increases longevity.


One of the newer rackets released by Jnice and on a dry swing it feels amazing!


Victor sets the standard for fast and explosive attacks with this Thruster Ryuga II Pro. It combines the best features of TK-Ryuga II with the new Power Ring Pro technology and much more!


Kizuna high quality finally available in UK and Europe.


Kizuna high quality finally available in UK and Europe.


Ultra-high repulsion 0.58mm badminton string


Featuring advanced water-proof fabric with innovative reflective patterns that showcase a varied texture under different lighting angles. Designed with a dedicated shoe compartment and ventilation holes to eliminate odors, the spacious interior can effortlessly hold 2 rackets, 1 bucket of shuttlecocks, shoes, a water bottle, clothing, and sports socks simultaneously.


The Apacs Zig Zag Speed is the prime version and is one of the first of compact rackets by Apacs. This racket has a very similar looks as the Yonex NanoRay Z-Speed badminton racket.


 this shirt has been expertly crafted from a moisture wicking performance fabric and features breathable mesh side panels, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable when you need it most.


2023 Kawasaki Original Badminton Racket Honor Yeren  with T Join - Power Carbon Fiber racket.




Flexible and light weight racket. The well-known Thruster technology unleashes the power during every single shot.

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