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Maxx Sports Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian sportswear and badminton equipment company founded and headquartered in Johor, Malaysia. MAXX is the main branding identity, having been featured on the company’s all lines of sporting apparels, badminton equipment and relevant accessories. Maxx is well-known with instilling unique fashion design into its sportswear product line.



Since its inception in 2013, Maxx Sports has garnered the attention from both local and overseas markets, expanding rapidly thru wide array of distributor and dealers. Currently Maxx products can be found in all parts of Malaysia and is carried by one of the major retailers in Malaysia. As for international markets, Maxx products have been exported to over 20 other countries including China, Korea and Indonesia.



In raising Maxx’s profile, the company has reached sponsorship deals with world class players, national badminton associations, influencers, clubs, professional leagues and international tournaments. This include Robert Mateusiak (former world number 1), Lee Dong Keun (former Korea number 1), most recently, being the official equipment sponsor in the world-renowned Malaysia Purple League 2022. These collaborations not only raise Maxx’s profile, but also shows that Maxx’s products are tested and approved by world-level athletes.


Started off with badminton as the forte, Maxx is now prepared for more, striving in exploring opportunities to provide exceptional products beyond the badminton arena. Just like what its brand tagline says, Unleash Your Maximum.

[shortdesc] MAXX PRO over grip technology delivers outstanding quality, durability and tackiness. 
[shortdesc]  Excellent quality, thick over grips - worth a try.  

MAXX Tornado IP is made of high modulus graphite that achieve balance between control and strength, It greatly enhances the racket’s strength and resistance to torison, which could help to improve the player’s overall flexibility, playability and power significantly. It also allow high string tension to be applied while maintaining same strength as before, providing the best experience as well as irresistible plays for players.

[shortdesc] Gauge: 0.61mm Length: 10m Product Model: MX-61 Features : Metallic Hitting Sound, Excellent Repulsion, Japan quality & technology Material...
[shortdesc] A leading string technology for maximum power and feel. It increases tension maintenance giving a well-controlled performance on court....
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