Li-Ning Windstorm 74 badminton racket strung

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Windstorm 74 badminton racquet features light weight of 74g and high tension of 30, fast speed of racket swinging. COLOURFUL AND FLEXIBLE.

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The sweet point extends upward and the hitting point is moved higher. The effective defense area is enlarged for severe smash by dynamic-optimum frame. The hitting velocity is improved considerably with widened stringing area and increased bounce strength.Based on aerodynamics, support of advanced calculation and gathered practicing data, the racquet frames have extreme low drag coefficient and high intensity to enable the players' performance in various shots. 

Style Code: AYPQ004-1

Color: Black, blue and purple or Black Blue

Release Date: Spring 2020

Frame: Carbon Fiber

Grip: Polyurethane + non woven

Weight: W1

Full Length: 675mm

Grip Length: 200mm

Grip size: S1

Balance Point: 310mm

This racket comes with a full cover and strung to 25lbs (String colours will vary).  Black/Blue is strung with Yonex Aerobite Boost at 25lbs.

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Customer Reviews

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Sahin Kaplan (kaps1998)
Great Racket!

Great Racket, highly recommend!

Slavo Jasenec
Great racket, poor customer service

Light, easy to move around, shaft too thin but maybe just because I have big hands. Nothing what overgrip can't fix.

Superb racket for intermediate players at club level!

I've got 3 of these rackets now, it has a flexible shaft, doesn't feel too head heavy or too head light, balance feels a little bit more towards the head.

I find this racket really quick and easy to manouvre despite it feeling a tad bit on the head heavy side, really easy to use and get the bend out of the shaft whilst executing your shots.

It falls into the 6U weight category at 74 grams which is probably the reason it still feels so light to use despite the balance point being towards the head.

I find this racket good for a fast paced game of doubles, it allows to hit repeated smashes and it's easy to attack with.

Loses just one star in the power department though, as expected because there are pros and cons to every racket it doesn't lack a substantial amount of power because you can still deliver a respectable smash, but it doesn't compete with the big hitters, but you can deliver a high frequency of smashes if you wanted with it being so easy and quick to use.

You can bring the racket from your foot to over your head in a split second which is what makes it a good attacking racket for doubles, it's respectable at the rear court but lethal at the net area, the grip size is quite thin which is what I like because that makes it easier to use my fingers and execute decepitive shots.

Overall a nice racket to play with easy to use, you don't get bags of power but you can generate alot of swing speed to deliver a respectable smash.

Great racket!

My first Li Ning racket and first impression is that it looks and feels like a quality racket.
On court it plays really well too. Although a light racket, the head heaviness gives it the power for effortless clears and smashes. Nice on drives and defense too!
Fast delivery of racket also!

Richard A
Lightweight, but strong overhead!

I recently purchased the Windstorm 72, and based on the reviews, purchased the Windstorm 74 to see how it compared.

As with the 72, the ws74 is top quality, with excellent finishing. Its stability and feeling is on the same level as yonex, who have lead the market for many years in terms of making quality rackets.

First off, the racket is super lightweight 79g with string. Which makes this racket quite fast and maneuverable and a great racket for fast rallies. The head speed is not quite as fast as the windstorm 72. I was personally astounded at the windstorm 72s head speed, whereas, with the Windstorm 74, I was more surprised by the power it generated overhead for a lightweight racket.

For defence and drives its great too, but if you're looking for a quick lightweight racket, which still offers a solid offensive power, when required; the windstorm 74 is perfect for you.

I personally I love both rackets the WS74 offers a more all round performance, with decent speed and solid smahes, but the racket speed of the WS72 is phenomenal, and excellent for defense and drives.