4u Jnice black Panther ltd badminton racket

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One of finest rackets tested by the Badminton Racket Review team during 2019, very stable, very fast and very well built! 

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One of finest rackets tested by the Badminton Racket Review team during 2019, very stable, very fast and very well built!  You must try this racket!

Frame:H.M. Graphite / 3D FIT WOVEN FIBER

Shaft: H.M. Graphite

Weight: 4U(80~84.9g)

Balance: 4U(300~295mm)

Flex: MEDIUM(8.5~8.9)

Tension: 4U(<30Lbs)

Stringing pattern: 76 Holes

Country of origin: TAIWAN

Racket comes strung with Jnice JS69 string. String colour will vary. 

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Customer Reviews

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Naveen Mohandas
Good racquet but can’t see what all the hype is about

My second Jnice Racket. Had the JNICE Elastics Air 73 for sometime now.
It’s a decent racket. Not very head heavy so the smashes are not that powerful, neither is it as light as the Elastics Air 73 so not as fast.
I usually play with my Yonex Nanoflare 1000z so not found this ground breakingly amazing.
Maybe I need to get use to the timing. Had it strung with Exbolt 63 - which broke already in 4 weeks.
Seems like a well made and sturdy racket but not sure if it’s worth £160 (with strings) or all the hype.

Further Follow Up

Ordered a second racket in case the first one breaks a string, had this one strung with a lower tension, I always have different tensions for different playing conditions.

Normally the rackets I used to use wouldn’t make too much difference with different tensions.

With this racket, the first time I used it, the difference in playing with a lower tension is incredible - all my timing issues with the smash and drive disappeared - don’t ask me how it just did.

For me personally this is the best racket I have ever played with, so thankful I found the review site.

Follow Up Review

Now been using the racket for a month playing 2 hours 3 times a week.

Still haven’t quite managed to get the timing on the smash correct - racket coming through air too fast, but its still a fairly decent smash just catching the shuttle at top of racket instead of the middle.
When you relax and catch the drives correctly using the racket speed you get results that you can’t believe.

Everything else has just got better, I now even try to do backhand clears (something I never did with my old Yonex Voltric).

So has it improved my game - without a doubt yes.
Would I but another one - just about to put my order in.

Christie Erb
Fast delivery and good communications

Received the racket faster than I thought, very happy and you guys are very helpful with my inquiries. Thank you

JNice 4u Black Panther Review

My Background:-
Now aged 70 years old, played badminton all my life, senior county until 34, then had a break whilst playing squash. Came back to badminton in my mid 50s, been playing Masters County badminton for last 10 years.
My racket for the last few years has been a Yonex Voltric 70, tried the Voltric 70 e tune but found it too head heavy for my game even though it improved my smash.
Have been looking for a replacement for the Voltric 70 for several years, saw Jag’s review and decided to take a chance - I ordered a JNice 4u Black Panther.

First Impression:-
Very useful soft racket bag but not for putting a racket in, will use old Voltric full length cover for storing racket.
As normal I had to take original grip off, put some insulating tape around wooden handle and then put a normal grip back on to give me the grip size I prefer.
On just handling the racket you can feel the difference in head weight, lighter and faster through the air.
Racket shape almost identical to Voltric 70.
Bending shaft by hand the BP appears to have same bend shape but with less effort required, so not as stiff as Voltric 70

First Playing Impression:-
My game is about placement and moving opponents around the court - as you get older you lose the power to smash powerfully, but this is not really an issue with the type of game I play.
On warming up I was amazed at the ease of hitting a deep clear.
On playing games what was most noticeable was how easy it was to defend against smashes, shots that I thought wouldn’t go back over the net seemed to go back every time.
Smashing didn’t appear to be faster but I was getting fewer returns, maybe I was just lucky.
Still not quite got used to driving the shuttle, hitting it too high, just a timing issue.

So my thoughts after playing for 90 minutes
- little effort required for a good clear.
- ease of getting racket head to smashes.
- smashing seems to be more powerful.
- drives not yet perfect.