4 Common mistakes in Badminton you should never make

4 Common mistakes in Badminton you should never make

All players in badminton make these common mistakes, it’s not just the beginners. Badminton is a fairly technical sport, where every second matters and every angle makes all the difference.

Due to the sheer speed, reactions and technicality required to play, people tend to make mistakes. Badminton demands accuracy and precision. Having said that, once you get the hang of the game, it is very enjoyable.

Of course with proper practice, playing regularly and a bit of help, all these mistakes can be fixed. It is better to fix these mistakes as early as possible, as later on it becomes a habit, making it hard to get out of.

Incorrect grip

This is an extremely common error, especially when it comes to beginners. If your grip is incorrect, then executing shots correctly becomes quite a challenge. A player will have less to no control over the shuttle and the chances of mis-contacting the shuttle increase.


      Here is what an incorrect forehand grip looks like


       Here is what an incorrect backhand grip looks like:


How do I correct my grip?

When it comes to forehand, you should you the V grip, which is also called a handshake grip. The way you would approach someone to shake their hand, is the same way must approach your Badminton racket.



It is the best and only way you should grip the racket in the forehand position. The backhand grip relies on the racket resting on the thumb. The thumb will rest on the flat side of the racket. The other four fingers will be wrapped around the grip.

Here is what the correct grips look like:



Smashing out of position

Another commonly mistake is players going to hit smashes blindly. Smash shots are the most fun and exciting to play and can potentially win you a point. But smashing when you aren’t in position will do more harm than good.

When you find you are struggling to reach the shuttle, play the safest stroke. Playing a smash in this situation shouldn’t cross your mind.

Hitting smashes when you are not in position can even cause injuries.

So when do I hit a smash?

  • When you are perfectly behind the shuttle
  • When you have good body balance
  • When you are confident it will be effective and put pressure on your opponents
  • When your timing is correct
  • When you are ready for the return of your smash


Keeping your racket down


When one says, don’t keep your racket down, what they mean is always keep your racket up in front of you as that is an alert position.



By keeping your racket down, you will not be able to react to those quick shots that come your way.



By the time you realise a shot is coming your way and you raise your hand to hit the shuttle, you’ve wasted precious time and will probably miss the shuttle.



Hence your racket after playing every, should be in front of you and ready to tackle the next shot.




Not following up

Considering Badminton is a fast sport, one must expect the shuttle to travel back to them fast. For this to successfully happen, after playing a shot (could be any shot), one has to follow up. This means, one must return to the center of the court (in the case of singles) or be ready back in position depending on where he/she played the shot (in the case of doubles).

Simply hitting a good shot and getting stuck there is going to work against you. Hit the shot and immediately be ready for the return. This is a common mistake made in Badminton, especially with beginners. One thing that should be kept in mind is the follow up. Always expect a return.






Keep these common mistakes in mind the next time you go to play. If you feel like you’re making any one (or more) of these mistakes, don’t worry. Just focus on identifying them and correcting them.Avoiding these mistakes will give you an edge over the other players.






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