Useful Badminton Doubles Tactics

Useful Badminton Doubles Tactics

Want to improve your doubles tactics and don’t know where to start? Here are some effective ways you can!



When it comes to badminton doubles, the style of playing is completely different from badminton singles. In doubles, one needs to coordinate with his or her partner to win rallies and gain points.

If you are playing badminton professionally, it is advised that a player chooses between the singles and doubles styles of playing.

The movements and training differ as well as tactically, the game is also quite different. Doubles, especially men's doubles, tend to be a very fast-paced game.

In doubles, it is extremely important to always keep the attack and convert your opponent’s attack into defence. Keep your opponents on defence as much as possible in the game.

Here are some handy badminton doubles tactics you can do:


Service Return Matters


Varying your serve in doubles is very important. A low serve is preferable as your opponent will have a harder chance to attack it and will prompt a lift on their part.


That being said, a surprise flick serve can prove to be very useful in surprising your opponent. They may be caught off guard. Returning a service is equally as important as the service itself. Where you place your return will determine how the rally progresses. Where you return will dictate who goes on the attack first and consequently who is more likely to win the point.


The defence position should be precise


At some point in the game, you and your partner will end up on the defence. When you are on the defence, your positioning is very important.

If you aren’t positioned correctly, your opponents will attack and gain an advantage. 

They will try to attack right in between you and your partner. Here is where most players make a mistake. There should be no gap between you and your partner. By doing this, your opponents may not win by trying to exploit any space between you. 


Don't smash for the sake of it




Although attacking is a very important part of doubles, smashing blindly will not be useful for you. Instead, smash when you are sure of putting pressure on your opponents. Do not smash when you are out of position.


Nowadays, everybody learns how to return to smash. Playing a smash recklessly is not the most optimal way to play doubles. 


Trust your partner





Doubles are a team game and require a team effort to win. You can’t win without your partner and working together means you need to trust each other. When things go wrong, don’t blame each other, as this can result in miscommunication and added pressure causing you to ultimately, lose the game.  

Working together, good communication and clear strategy can help you win the game. Keep your partner's weak points in mind and play a game that will bring out their strong points instead.


Try to play in between your opponents


In doubles, you must always try and place the shuttle between your opponents as this can give you the advantage. While playing shots, you must place the shuttle beyond the player in the front as it puts the player behind in a tricky situation.

Finding this gap in between your opponents is a technique that has worked for most players. Placing the shuttle in between causes confusion amongst your opponents.


Other tactics to keep in mind


  • Be smart on the court and attempt risky shots only when needed.


  • Remember teamwork is crucial if you want success.


  • Footwork, agility, speed and stamina are essential factors in doubles.


  • Try to keep the shuttle low and focus on playing drives and flat strokes.


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