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Apacs was established in 2002 with headquarters set up in Malaysia. The company now had developed its wholesale distribution network across Malaysia with over 600 sporting goods dealers and retail stores under its channel. The products that APACS produced, are reliable and assured quality which are used by athletes throughout the world. We produce superior quality equipment for serious performance, through the artful combination of technology and craftsmanship.

The Apacs Feather Weight X SPECIAL (XS) racket is produced by Apacs and is the lightest badminton racket in the World. This racket carries the same design and specifications as the Apacs Feather Weight 55 badminton racket.


The Apacs Z Fusion badminton racket is a spin-off of the top selling Apacs Z Ziggler Force II badminton racket. Both have the same design and specifications except that Apacs Z Fusion is lighter at 80g and has slightly heavier head.


The Apacs Nano Fusion Speed XR racket is one of the models from the Apacs Nano Fusion Speed Series.


Apacs N Power 900 badminton racket is built with the latest Quad Balance System strengthened at whole racket frame structure except for lower side area of the racket head to allow bending in a very controlled way and hold shuttles on the string bed for longer.


The Apacs Z Force II Max Badminton Racket is the new look and replacing model for Z Ziggler Force 2 badminton racket which has a very similar looks as the Yonex Voltric Z-Force II Badminton racket.


The Apacs EdgeSaber 10 racket has a very similar look as the Yonex ArcSaber 10 racket.

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