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Select from the finest Badminton Shuttlecocks on the market as tested by Badminton Racket Review
With each tube containing 12 feather shuttles, the G200 is a great value and high quality option for beginner/intermediate club...
Kawasaki Kong 500 Hybrid Shuttlecock speed 77 or 78. Head: PU CorkMaterial: Class A Goose Feather

BWF Approved great quality tournament grade goose feather shuttles


These are exactly the same as the Li-Ning A+60 goose feather shuttles - still 15 in a tube at a crazy price!!

Kawasaki Team no.1 Feather Shuttlecock – Highest Quality Goose feather, Natural cork, designed to compete with the Yonex AS50 –...
$33.00 $30.00
Kawasaki Team No.2 Tournament series duck feather shuttlecock Flight: A,B Speed: 77,78 Cork: Composite
$39.00 $27.00

Great Quality Tournament grade goose feather shuttles

$27.00 $26.00

Kawasaki Team no.1 Feather Shuttlecock – Great quality goose feather, composite cork and rated as flight A,B

Speed 77


Great Quality Duck feather shuttles


Premium grade shuttle grade As30 Rival


Great alternative to Yonex AS30, they dont fly too fast either.

$29.00 $26.00

This is a super handy item for coaching and practice, easy to fill, and easy to pull shuttle's out of.


Amazing value goose shuttlecock


Goose feather shuttlecocks for competitive clubs 


Feather Shuttlecocks for Practical level or social badminton clubs

Victors finest real goose feather, BWF approved professional shuttlecocks. Colour: White BWF Approved Speed 77/78 100% Goose Feather 1 dozen...
$36.00 $32.00
Enjoy your gift card and choose from the Worlds finest Badminton equipment as tested by Badminton Racket Review.

Enjoy better badminton, use better quality shuttlecocks and reduce your spending costs by 25-40%

$2,570.00 $2,313.00

A team minute steam hydrates the shuttlecock and increases longevity.

Kawasaki Team No.2 Tournament series duck feather shuttlecock Flight: A,B Speed: 76,77,78 Cork: Composite
The VIP is the top shuttle of FZ FORZA. A first-class tournament shuttle approved by BWF and used by several...
$36.00 $32.00
Nylon Shuttle 1000 Silver This nylon shuttlecock has a steady flight curve for excellent playability and is recommended for schools...
Victor Nylon Shuttle 500 Bronze – White For training and badminton centres. Made from premium materials, the shuttle has great...

Kawasaki outdoor Airshuttle

Flight A


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