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Li-Ning is the Chinese leader in athletic apparel and footwear, rooted in the vision of its founder and namesake, the champion gymnast Mr. Li Ning. He founded the company in 1990 with the simple goal of providing Chinese athletes a national brand to wear on the world stage of the Olympics. This modest intention has, almost 30 years later, led to the rise of a global sport pioneer that resides at the forefront of 21st-century design and technology while celebrating its own, storied past.

With each tube containing 12 feather shuttles, the G200 is a great value and high quality option for beginner/intermediate club...

These are exactly the same as the Li-Ning A+60 goose feather shuttles - still 15 in a tube at a crazy price!!

Windstorm 74 badminton racquet features light weight of 74g and high tension of 30, fast speed of racket swinging. COLOURFUL AND FLEXIBLE.

Shockingly stable racket, light weight and very powerful

$285.00 $245.00

No. 1 is the string primarily used by international and national top players.

The Tectonic 7D racket features fast speed, creative and elastic structure. It has strong toughness and durability in the frame.
Tectonic is the Brand New series from Li Ning aiming you provide speed. Series currently have two mdoel 7 and the 7 Drive.
The lightest racket at 72g with the strongest tension in its class.


As the Axforce 80 badminton racket (Ax Force 80) is first choice for Chen Long, which is also the racquet he used in Tokyo Olympics 2021


Racket Highlights - High tension attacks, Ultra Reinforcement, Hot Melt Material Technology

$104.00 $72.00

The Li-Ning Windstorm 79S Badminton Racket is a lightweight, fast attacking racket. The Li-Ning Windstorm range offer an ultralight construction with a head heavy balance and flexible shaft to create power to compliment the speed.


Shockingly stable racket, light weight and very powerful! Endorsed by Yuta Watanabe (Japan)


Endorsed by Yeo Jia Min and Goh Liu Ying, the racquet is highlighted with Accele Tech and Zero Shock tech and suitable for speed and control.


AXForce 90 MAX Tiger Combat 4U is produced from Li-Ning’s best materials and can therefore be found in Li-Ning's high-end racket collection.


Shockingly stable racket, light weight and very powerful! Endorsed by Zheng Siwei


The Aeronaut 8000 Combat racket for higher power from a tournament grade racket. 


High Quality badminton racket strings by Li-Ning! 

Li-Ning’s Signature Tectonic 7 Instinct Badminton Racket Frame weight is just 78grams.

The all-new Li-Ning Tectonic 7 Series — a culmination of our 3D Calibar, Aeronaut, and TurboCharging technologies.


Fabulous shoes winning our recent group test as worn by Anthony Ginting World No.5 singles player.

$182.00 $156.00
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