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Rihachi Mizuno and his younger brother Rizo found MIZUNO Brothers Ltd. in Osaka. This was the start of a continuous journey to Reach Beyond. For decades, the Japanese brand has dedicated itself to scientific research focused on developing industry-leading sporting products, and its efforts have paid off. As a result, particularly in Japan, Mizuno is inextricably linked to sports and athletic performance.

Superbly well made, great performance, light, fast and powerful

£139.99 £124.99
Mizuno JPX 5 Blitz Badminton Racket, easy overhead action, great smash power, good defense and not that hard to use - Worth a try!!

The Altius 03 Control is a balanced racket designed for control, however the Box frame on a stiff flex Xtra Slim shaft delivers smashing power when switching from defense to attack. 
£134.99 £124.99
0.68mm gauge professional badminton string

With a weight of 85g, the body is tough and the racket is a bit heavy, JPX 8.3 has heavy and fast spheres and bridges.
0.63mm gauge professional badminton string

Equipped with a massive array of new technology and made in Japan, the Mizuno Fortius 11 Power is a BEAST!

£249.99 £189.00

One of finest rackets tested by the Badminton Racket Review team during 2021, very stable, very fast and very well built – you must try this racket!

Good all round racket suitable for beginners to intermediate players, This racket offer great levels of control.
£89.99 £49.99
Good all round racket offering exceptional air speed and amazing levels of control. This is a high standard racket.
£59.99 £49.99
MIZUNO LUMINASONIC 3 BADMINTON RACKET. Good all round racket suitable for beginners to intermediate players.
£89.99 £49.99
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