Kawasaki King Kong 500 shuttlecock

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Kawasaki Kong 500 Hybrid Shuttlecock speed 77 or 78.

Head: PU Cork
Material: Class A Goose Feather

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Customer Reviews

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Good but Inconsistent

Tried these, unfortunately, got the wrong speed and the 78's really do fly very fast and very far for standard indoor conditions. I noticed with these that the speed of each shuttle will vary. This is the downside of having a hybrid shuttle that's held together with glue. The weight of each shuttle is close but not the same and some will fly differently. Overall, one of these shuttles will last about 2-3 games which is really good durability wise. We found that the feathers didn't really break off but the stems of the feathers splintered out often. They still fly okay.

Surender V
Bit fast but Durable

Someone recommended this shuttles as we are getting into expensive pot. And after started using this shuttles we hardly change 2 or 3 shuttles in an hour with back to back games. Really like the durability and don't feel much difference with actual feather shuttles. Only once small notice is the shuttle is bit fast and have to slow it down. I will definitely recommend these.

Alwyn Evans

Having used this shuttle for a few years I find they don't last as long as they used to.
Is the reason that the players in the group are continuing to improve and are playing harder or is the shuttle not made as robust as in the past?

Julie Dublin
Best choice

Our group shifted from Yonex Mavis 300 to these and what a transformation. We have tried others, but none can compete with these. Best investment.

Great service

These shuttles are more durable than feathered shuttles yet their flight pattern is still great and comparable to that of feathered shuttles.

I would highly recommend purchasing from badminton racket review as they are easy to work with, I was sent the wrong item initially but their excellent customer service got it sorted with 0 hassle on my part.

Will be returning in the future for sure. Just pray the courts open again 😭