4u Jnice black Panther ltd badminton racket (new stock due in first week Nov 21)

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One of finest rackets tested by the Badminton Racket Review team during 2019, very stable, very fast and very well built! 

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Jnice Taiwan are having diffidulty getting hold of Carbon at present, hence the next deivery is Septembeer 2021.  We have allowed backordering on this product so you can order and reserves yours now as expect limited number to come in.

One of finest rackets tested by the Badminton Racket Review team during 2019, very stable, very fast and very well built!  We only have the the 3u rackets in stock at present – you must try this racket!

Frame:H.M. Graphite / 3D FIT WOVEN FIBER

Shaft: H.M. Graphite

Weight: 4U(80~84.9g)

Balance: 4U(300~295mm)

Flex: MEDIUM(8.5~8.9)

Tension: 4U(<30Lbs)

Stringing pattern: 76 Holes

Country of origin: TAIWAN

Racket comes strung with Jnice JS69 string. String colour will vary (no racket cover). 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Anthony Rouas
Amazing racket, Thanks BRR !

Greatest racket I ever used so far.

Heavier than my usual rackets (78-82g), the Black Panther weight (87g) isn't an issue at all as this racket is quick and responsive. My elbow is easily suffering pain if too heavy (or stiff) but not the case at all with this JNice BP.

I previously played with Abroz Hammerhead (on BRR advice) which is a brillant racket and crazy value for money but JNice Black Panther is a great upgrade and definitely an improving game tool for me.

I was I little afraid too that it could be a wrong choice due to my intermediate playing level but it is absolutely not the case.

The frame appears to be powerful, really stable and surprisingly forgiving in regards of the specs vs my level. Even tired after a training session my shoots remain consistent and I don't feel any muscle stress or need to struggle due to the racket .

All'n'all and from my POV, this is a great all around racket for me as an intermediate player aiming advanced level. Powerful to attack strong if you're able, precise to the net and fast if you're defensive without the requirement of usually demanding heavy / stiff advanced rackets. Hard to believe but true (at least for my needs).

A great thanks to BRR for their advices as they never pushed me (to pay more or so) but just listen to me via WhatsApp to find the best option. Great customer service and care.

Really appreciate your taking the time to write this review - so nice of you ☺

Jasper James Pascual
j nice black panther

very nice powerful racket first try on the court smash harder.. with string aerobite

Alexander Khoo
Great racket

Great racket, really easy to use and feels very light. Have a Li-Ning Aeronaut 9000c and a Victor 90s and this is easily as good as those.

Sanjer Chowdhury
Doesn't play like a 4U racket!!

Bought it after watching the review and kudos to these guys, they nailed the review. Jag is absolutely spot on when he said you need to swing the racket to feel the difference. How it feels on hand compared to how it plays is very different. Lately I moved to Li Ning instinct rackets mainly due to shoulder/wrist injury. Was skeptical about using a 4U again but this racket plays so different!! Super quick in the air. Quick recovery. Good at both ends of the court. My only criticism, wish it had a G5 grip instead of G4.

Black panther

Very good racket nice balance and pick up with a good smash would recommend